Kindergarten Hearts

Colored kindergarten hearts 

Are for Optimists

But being in love with you

Made me see things for what they really are

Bland and Dark

I’m not a pessimist but the human heart

Doesn’t hold the same beauty as a 5 year old’s mentality

I’m a realist

Once upon a time I used to color outside the lines

But the wolrd has limitations for a reason

See if you let your heart wonder beyond


it’s already guaranteed it won’t come back in one piece

I’ll be like a mother to her baby

Keep it close by under my sleave

So that reality can’t find me

I was always good at hide and seek

Quiet in the closet, I’ll stay 

I’d rather let my heart catch dust,

than to repeat feeling this way

But see I’m not a pessimist

I just let my 5 year old fantasy

Fade Away

Cause in reality

Glass wounds cut deep at the feet

Princes won’t save a damsel in distress

When they got a easy hoe ready to take off her dress

And Necrophilia isn’t looked on highly 

No bedridden princesses will be awakened tonight

So I pray that apple you won’t bite

Kindergarten hearts are just a g rated version 

To not scare children because love

is a horror story

And it scares me

I don’t like this feeling of vulnerablilty

I just wish I could rewind

To when i was 5

Have the same mentality

When I believed that a

Colored kindergarten heart was the true image of

what lied inside me

I wish I was 5 again

Cause every 5 yeard old is an optimist


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