Mon, 11/23/2020 - 22:04 -- Aquanfu

Killer Cops

Its six o’clock , I turn in the news

Trying decide which channel to choose

Just want to relax ,but then I’m shocked

Another unarmed man shot by killer cops

Killer cops!! killer cops!!

Now a blind man can clearly see

This murder was sponsored by your city’s PD

This ain’t a commercial

The pro-gram that follows

they’ll gun you down like Amadou Diallo

Killer cops!! killer cops!!

If your Black or Latino

You’re gonna catch hell

they’ll take you out, like they did Shaun Bell

With killer cops, if you become entangled

You end up dead like Noel Ploanco

Killer cops!! killer cops!!

You step your door and your life’s at risk

Cause they got a thing called “stop and frisk”

Think you’re safe at home ,it’s more murder and mayhem

They’ll shoot you in your house just like Ramarley Graham

Killer cops!! killer cops!!

When you meet killer cops, you’ll be a gonner

They’ll put you in choke hold like Eric Garner

Cause killer cops just want to gun you down

with your hands in the air just like Micheal Brown

Killer cops, killer cops

If you’re not careful you’ll be null and void

Lying dead in the street like they did to George Floyd

The list keeps going on and on

They’ll try to kill us all, before too long

They shoot first, then they lie

While more people die in a cop’s drive by

It ain’t just here. It’s across the land

So every body step up and take a stand

They talk about Iraq and Af-ghan-is-tan

But right here at home they kill when they can

Killer cops!! killer cops!!

Across the globe why should we fight

If on our own turf there ain’t no human rights

They’re out on the street to do us harm

Maybe that’s the reason they don’t want us armed

Killer cops!! killer cops!!

Now I ain’t saying we should kill each other

Cause the one you shoot might be your brother

I hope ya’ll are gettin what I ‘m trying to say

There trying to wipe us out, just like the KKK

Cause they’re

families weeping and mothers crying

At the hands of cops their kids are dying

These John Wayne wan-a bees

Their a foreign army in our comm-un-ity

We moan ,we march

You ask what for

Cause killer cops think they’re above the law

More beatins more murders there’s gonna be

Unless they got the same rules as you and me

Just cause they gave them a badge and a gun

Should they be shootin every body under the sun?

If you’re black white or brown

We don’t know who’s next

The victim of police with a God complex

They’ll write on your tombstone

Etched in the rock

Here lies the victim of killer cop

Now I ain’t no rapper ,

ain’t trying to get paid

I hope ya’ll hear the message in this rhyme I made

Just another human being .livin on the block

But we gotta stand up and put a stop

To gen-o-cide by killer cops













This poem is about: 
My country


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