Kill the king

 Nana always told me dress for the occasion

Now we dress like princesses to go kill kings 

We smile and lace up our corsets 

Laugh and sharpen our blades 

Giggle and pin up our hair 

Grin and load our guns 

And they never see us coming

They do not expect angels to set the world on fire 

They see only our pretty faces and pay no attention to the daggers in our hands 

My beauty is a deadlier weapon than any man could ever create 

I learn to weild my features as such 

My lips are arsenic 

And some men just can't handle it 

I am dangerous 



I will cut you 

And you will not know until I intend you to 

I will kill you 

And you will not know until you drop dead 

When people ask me how I can be so cruel

I think of the kings of old


Throw my head back and respond 

“I learned from the best”


This poem is about: 
Our world


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