The Key to Success

Ever since my adolescent years, I knew what Life destined me to be

Life, reciting a few words of wisdom, confidently proclaimed “I have your key”

This well-polished key was the gateway to the enticing door that read “SUCCESS”

Which when finally opened, would allow me to guide, nurture, educate, and express


As I reached for this precious key, Life disappeared like a genie in a bottle

Feeling hurt and betrayed, I quickly turned to playing cards and the lotto

Mistake after mistake, my dignity had burned into a heap of ashes

Insanity and darkness had conquered my mind with catastrophic gashes


Taking deadly risks became a part of daily life, a complete 180 turn

Blinded by all good in the world, I had to live, experience, and learn

For Life was the stringent teacher and I was the misguided student

And the real world was my classroom, ahh Life was so prudent


Through difficult hardships and constant suffering, Life had taught me valuable lessons

And as an inspiring teacher, Life undoubtedly rewarded me with the present of all presents

This present of wisdom was a gift to be cherished and treasured

Since no piece of wisdom can ever be measured


My graduation ceremony from the School of Life was nothing less than bittersweet

The darkest moments had molded me into a strong-willed individual that made me complete

And as I walked onto the stage to receive my hard-earned diploma

Life handed me the key to the enticing door, an instantaneous success-filled aroma


An epiphany has besieged my mind shortly after receiving the well-polished key

It was then and there on that stage when I truly realized who I was truly meant to be

A career as a teacher, a professor, an educator is what my future had in store

For Life, my wise teacher, had truly guided me to unlock the “Successful” enticing door




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