Keep Running and Play the Game

The running in a game of hide and seek has started.

Do you not hear the drumming as we chase up the stairs, and look over our plum color shoulders to watch the shoe fall from my foot?

Our eyes are mist by blur shadows, we run the hall to find a place to consume the beating heart and shape it into pleasure.

The lights flicker by the unceasing rattling of our throats.

 We stare each other down from opposite sides of the corner of those ribbed walls.

A smile falls from both our lips because we know the chase is over.

The games end when one of us whispers:

“I Love you”

Dropping the stone into the still pond starting chaos to spread.

And the other response:

“That is what we have right?”

We know the game is a cycle we continue to replay, until one decides to leave from the fogged labyrinth.

We fail to remember the patters and chose to ignore the thorns that accompanies the roses, allowing the finger to flow with blood and our minds fazes to forget the assault.

There is still time to play the game, because we are getting better at it.

We are in love… right?

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Celestine Rouge

I always try to read poems from bottom to top, sentence by sentence to see if there is another meaning I can think upon.

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