"Keep Pretending"

Let's all join hands to sing as one

Let's all pretend to hear no guns

Let's let them starve so we can eat

Let's shackle them so we are free

Let's wave the paper high and proud

Let's sing this war cry high and loud


'Cause if they die, then we'll have more

If they all die, we're free to soar

The gap will widen: we are the better

They'll be our slaves: our working debtors

And keep them dumb so they won't know

Just keep them blind, there, down below

Out power: all that they should see

From down there in the poorer sea


So keep pretending, my friends so wealthy

That we aren't mentally unhealthy

Tell yourselves that it's not cruel

To make them have to pay for school

'Cause nothing's wrong or fast descending

Don't learn the truth, just keep pretending


So let's pretend the world's just fine

Ignoring all the warning signs

Let's convince ourselves we're right

To steal from them both day and night

Let's use this paper to play our games

If it gets hot, ignore the flames

And just forget the world is ending

Just hold your money, and keep pretending

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