keep going

Thu, 04/24/2014 - 21:58 -- jerlee


What if I told you, that I never gave up?

Instead of stopping, I kept on moving

I live on the weight, right beside my side

Every day I wonder why it kept on growing

Even though I can’t grasp it

Holding, let it stop my heart beat

I love it, love the feeling

That change will once come

I can’t ignore the burden that is left behind

The patience is leaking out of my body

It done…

I was so happy…

Fate is denying me

Letting me drown

It like I’m playing game

Without any players

An open world where it just void

It needs to change, but how?

A question that we all once will or have asked

Once victory is achieve

No more failure will become of us

Just one victory can change

Mindset have grown

Achievement have been set to a higher bar

Risk is not a problem

Toxic is freedom!

But we fear…

Fear what?

The worse…

So! Let it know that you’re coming

Roar like the mythical creature

Become who you want to be

Life is not just about you

It what you create

Never give up, when the star is still burns

Don’t you see?

Don’t you taste?

The joy from never giving up

Let yourself become the creature

Because it not a dream

Play the dream in the real world…

So never stop moving onward

Forward, to the four winds…

Now it’s done…





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