Kay Imagines Heaven


United States
41° 41' 46.4424" N, 71° 35' 46.0788" W

That lies within
Becomes without when life
Frees itself
From mortal shells,
The spirit free from strife
And thus ascends
To where forever
Waits among the stars,
Light and free,
A breath of wind
Uncaged by mortal bars.
But there is where
The paths of souls
Diverge and find their place,
Each on a journey
Of the heart,
A universal race.

Mine awaits
Beyond the moon,
A world of blue and green
Vast libraries
And verdant fields,
Far more than can be seen.
Within each book,
A portal lies,
A world in wait within
I turn a page
And make a wish,
The world begins to spin.
And there I am,
In black and white,
A character on stage:
A magic spill of words,
I’m now
A part of every page.
It only takes
A single wish
To change my paper fate;
The endings can be different,
But they’re free of fear and hate.
And never there
Am I alone,
For characters are friends
And family
Will come in time,
Together ‘til the end.


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