The Justice of wrong good


The Justice of wrong good

            Breathe in deep

            Sucking on black air

            Deemed unworthy of the just

            Judged upon with disregarded eyes


            Disgusted, shamed, dishonored

            Stands alone

            Surrounded by nemesis’s

            Left behind by his own kind


            The light of gold, whisks away

            Bound by shackles

            Forged from the heart

            Of his world


            Broken in mind

            He cannot find

            A time to forgive nor forget

            Excepting himself


            Like his opposed self

            He cannot meet eyes with it

            Darkness becomes visible

            All around him becomes secluded


            Flame orange eyes

            Flare in the shadows

            Swishing side to side

            Time closes inward over him


            This is his punishment

            For the deed he done

            Unforgiving to them

            Regrettable, it stands up to him


            To decide his own fate

            Capable of so much

            But just what could he do

            This is the justice of the wrong good of the deep




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