people are dead
unknowable more are dying

im going to work each day
im angry
im sleeping in each saturday
im scared
im mopping my floor each monday
im grieving strangers
im daydreaming each evening

there’s been so many names
people I will never meet
talking about my feelings is a short term remedy
when the situation is still getting worse
i believe humans are good
i believe humans love
i believe humans learn cruelty
i believe humans can unlearn cruelty
i ponder this each wednesday evening
right on schedule

i get gas each thursday afternoon
i get bread each fortnight
i brush my cat each tuesday
how is this real, i think
how is there so much blood, so much death
and im sitting here
wondering where i can buy more magnets
people are dead
unknowable more are dying


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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