Just when you thought...




Just when you thought;

Psst..Psst...Psssst!!  Coming from the homeless man sitting in the corner of the train trying to get my attention; I cannot bear seeing the pain in his eyes, his eyes tell a story, if you look deep enough...that I cannot do... not today that is! Not today. The pain he carries is now bearing down on his soul, living in the dark with nowhere to go.  Screeching sounds of a car out of control, hollow screams that one can hear miles away...they bear your soul, they cannot compare to the screams of a child in agony, with no vision of what happiness is supposed to feel like.  How does one walk into the light when carrying so much misery?  You can see the indents on his back, and the holes in his soles from the years of just getting by, for in the end...he gave me the middle finger, which is a testament that he is still alive!

© Copyright Linda Alago


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