Just A Voice

I am just a voice,

A voice drowning in a chorus of others.

Others, who are important, who will change the world.

The world, the world was my oyster. I was the best. I was a soloist.

A soloist where I was the only one in the room.

The room was so small that it barely fit my ego, but then

Then the room got bigger, and I saw the world from others eyes.

Others who didn’t have the family I do and the outlook I had.

Had I kept my eyes closed and my mind ignorant, then I wouldn’t know what I do now.

Now I know there are others who need my help.

Help to find their path. Help them find all the possibilities the future holds for them.

Them, the most important people. These students.

These students are the future, just as I was and still am.

Am I able to do all I can for them? Will I make a difference?

A difference, big or small. I just want them to understand their worth.

Worth every tear, drop of sweat, anxiety attack.

Attack on my reality because they are now a part of my life.

My life is meant to enhance theirs. To be the background character of a developing story.

Story, my story will go on and live in the lives of these students, whether they know it or not.

Not something one forgets, even when they forget me.

Me, I am proud. I am proud of the life of service I am pledging.

Pledging from this moment on: I am an empath, I am a friend, I am a fighter, and I am a teacher.

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