Just trust me

Day by day you fought for my affection

But I just left you there waiting

I knew you loved me, but I didn’t want to love you

I was trapped by a serpent and I didn’t want to try to love again

But then I broke free and I fell for you my gorgeous angel

At first it was supposed to be a tease

I was supposed to be gone within a week

But then I fell for you

Your perfect beauty captured my heart and I couldn’t get free

Before you I was lost

Before you I was dying

Before you I was ready to go

But then my princess woke me from my nightmare and said “just trust me”

You, yes you saved me from destruction

I’m actually happy now and it’s all because of you

My smile that had been lost for so long was found again

You made me whole and you put me back together once more

The distance was hard and it always will be

But just like the first kiss we shared

So soft and passionate, lasting forever

Our love is the same

It will last forever and be so passionate

It won’t always be like this darling

Just fight for me a little longer

When this is over we will be so grateful we fought so hard

We will be married in less than a year so just relax baby

I love you so much and I always will no matter what

I promise we will make it through darling

Just don’t give up

It will all be worth it, “just trust me”

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