Just the Tip

Every day is an island

Intact when not interrupted

Relishing in isolation

With blissful ignorance of the ill.


In this reality there is no imagination

Unless extracted from the internal

Because what comes from within

Can define the illions people create.


It comes from instructional foreplay

Of mastering the tapestry ingrained

Within us, a boundary is imaginary

But necssary for the stark


It is within this boundary, we create walls

that encourages more isolation,

which feeds into the fetishes of those 

that live in patrionizing heads.


It is with this frustratin comes the sexual,

the tension becomes revolutionary 

because with delayed gratification

comes the desire for release


A tease, for many that just want peace

For what merely started out with an

Island, erected from a loss

A feat that can only feature a face


With a taste for dabbling in the dark

because with this eternal monument

comes defeat from those just settling

with peace comes great chaos and

chaos calls for control only to

preserve what has always been known.


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