Just a Thought


United States

I keep thinking poetry is this pretty little box.

Pack it in and place a pretty bow on top. 

Hey guys, here's an idea, something witty here. 

Write whatever you want. 


I keep trying to rhyme some Dr. Suess runoff. 

Songs do it better than I ever could.

Use Google, maybe Yahoo, screw you Bing. 

Write Whatever you want. 


I keep reading old sonnets for sorry role models. 

I don't want to write like the Dickens. 

Poe is great, Browning too, I'm a little sick of all this Shakespeare. 

Write whatever you want. 


I keep repeating the last line of this adlibbed mess

Force it into thick skulls and think it through

I mean every word, Seriously guys, Poetry can be anything

So write whatever you want. 


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