Just So You Know

Sat, 04/14/2018 - 14:00 -- cjbh98

I'm looking at our old pictures

They remind me of what we had

But I never thought after I left,

That it would hurt me this bad.

I don't see you very often

But when I do it breaks my heart

How can we smile so brightly

When we're both torn apart

I try so hard to forget it all

And I keep trying to let it go

But our memories will remain

And that's something we both know.

I can't go outdoors

Even the air reminds me of you

I try to take a deep breath

Thats challenging too

I'm just sitting here thinking

What if I change my ways

But then I realize

It was you all of these days

I can't say I was perfect

Because I know I'm not

But you acted like you were

Without a second thought

They say it takes two to tango

But what if one refuses to dance

Thats why I left

You never gave us a chance. 

Love is truly an action word

It's something you have to show

But it was only a word to you

You kept me on the low

You actually have to care

Let me know that I'm somebody

Because when your pride gets in the way

I feel like your seasonal hobby.

It takes a mistake to open your eyes

I really hope I did that for you

Because now I'm gone forever

And you already knew.

How did you manage to lose me

I put up with so much 

I believed everything you said

Compliments, lies, and such

But I'll be alright.

I found someone to love

Just know it's not you

That I'll be thinking of.

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