Just run.

I want to sit

To close my eyes and just sit.

Please stop the noises

And the sights burning through my mind

Please. Just. Stop.


I want to breathe

I want to breathe so badly

But it burns and the tears won’t stop falling

Suffocating. I’m suffocating.

I can’t take it anymore.

It hurts too much.

It burns too much.

Please. Just stop.


It’s so disorienting.

And you don’t want to join them because it gets more confusing.

You think “Where am I?”

“Who are these people?”

“What am I doing?”


I want to run.

Anywhere. Just run.

Because I can’t face it. Because it hurts to face it.

Because everything’s changed.

No. It’s just your life.

It’s changed justlikethat.

And you don’t know how to deal with it.

You don’t know who to confide in.

You don’t know what to do.

You just don’t know.


I want to escape.

But I can’t escape.

It would be so easy to just escape.

But I can’t escape.

They might get hurt.

But you’re hurt.

Please don’t run.

But I want to run.


How can I face it?

That my regular life has changed so quickly

So swiftly and I can’t do anything about it.


It won’t stop.

It won’t ever stop.

You’ll just bear. You’ll just keep running.

You’ll keep trying to escape.

But it’s there. Your problem is still there.

But maybe it will change? Maybe it won’t be a BIG problem.

Maybe it’ll stop hurting. Maybe it’ll slow down so you can catch up.


Or you can just run. Just run away.

Because it hurts too much.

It burns too much

When those tears won’t stop.


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