Just a Pose


When I wake out of bed,
I see a young girl dressed in red.
Her brown wavy hair in a bun,
Atop her head.
Olive skin, and big brown eyes
Full of honor and pride.

The clothes on her back may be wrinkly
For she sleeps very messily.
From her tossing and turning
Her hair ends in a knot
And she may have lost a sock

But after she dresses
And puts on her shoes
She may look as good as new.
As she does her hair,
Her eyes gaze at the long strands falling along her face
Every strand as straight as the next.
The black eyeliner she applies
Has never been much more than a line.

But as she is ready to walk out the door
A selfie she takes, she can’t ignore
The sight of her hair, her face, and her clothes
No filter is needed, just a pose.
“I am flawless.”


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