Just One Story


I don’t want to sit down and wait for something out of the ordinary,

I want to work hard to become someone extraordinary!

This taunting statement runs over and over my head-

As I sit tightly on the corner edge of my bed.


I sit without speech-

As I take in the piles on piles of lecture notes, readings, and lab procedures.

I slowly breathe in.


I lack sleep,

And my stomach is grumbling loudly, pleading for food.

But I lay against the headboard, absorbing every cluttered paper laid in front of me.


While my body urges me to grab the paper in front of me and start studying,

My brain blocks my every intention.

Back and forth fighting my own thoughts.


I have already studied 3 hours on one course,

Yet, there are 3 more courses to go, but-

My eyes slowly droop and I feel the surge of blood flow run throughout my body.


All I desire is to get out of this pit of a room,


But I can’t fail, no I can’t fail.

Getting an A is my motive. 


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