Just one job...may change my life forever


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With negativity enbedded in their minds and saddness permanetly saturated within their veins, people in need of help are closer to you than what you may think. It might be the troubled kid next door battling a mental illness or even the old lady at the grocery storewith her nephew who is refilling her perscriptions for dementia; but how are these people supposed to feel normal without getting rejected? My dreamjob might be the answer to many problems that people face on a daily basis and offers a comfortabe atmosphere thats acceptable to all. 

Clinical psychology is general practice and health service provider that studies abnormal behavior, hopefully treat and prevent mental disorders, and offers lifestyle enhancement. With this career, I am able to help people in need and feel great about what im doing with my life. Yes the pay will be phenomenal, but the pleasure that would be given to me would be a rewarded feeling. I was diagnosed with tourettes syndrome at the age of three and I lived with constant pain of smacking my lips, head jerking, or even the frustration due to the lack of muscle control. Eventually I was put on medication that would help my muscles relax so I wouldn't feel consistant pain and frustration. 

I was inspired at such a young age by my doctors that I too wanted to help people in need. They not only helped me, but also hundreds of patients in the county. Unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege to walk through life without any additonal stress, and that is why I have the passion to become the best I can be in a field that is so appealing to me years later. This one job will not only change my life, but I will have the opportunity to engrave a smile on people's faces, and that is why just one job may change my life forever.    

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