Just One Job

Mon, 02/10/2014 - 08:08 -- jensly


If I could have just one job to fill me with grace

It would be the power to put emotion into ones face

It would be terror in silence

heart breats in heart attacks

it would be the knowledge of knowing I wont ever be last

cause when you're an artist

and paints the only thing you have

you'll know the old brushes are like platinum

and moneys just sand

So if I could have just one job

I swear it would be true

that I would be an artist

not for me but for you

cause a paint brush is like a flashlight

exposing whats hiding in darkness

and if I speak the truth

then you'll know the darkest

but if I try I know I wont be down for too long

I know I'll be strong

I'll prosper in riches of color

make my dollars

not collars

break even and see that theres nothing coming between me and my dream.

So if I could have just one job

Im sure it would be

true to myself

and true to my dreams

I would be an artist

my life wont always be as it seems.


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