Just Listen

Just Breathe

but how can I breathe when I'm drowning?

Drowning in every thought shouldn't think

In every tear, I long to shed

In every cut, I itch to make

How can I breathe when I can't control myself?

Slowly making my way towards the razors

crying because I know I don't really need them

Sickened with the satisfaction I feel when I lose the battle in my head

Just Get Better

But how can I get better if sick is all I know?

How can I get better if I can't control the demons?

The Demons in my mind

the demons in my razor blade

the demons in the revolver my dad keeps under the bed

Just get help.

But how can I get help if I'm too afraid of letting you know?

If help means hospitals

If help means losing everything I have worked so hard for

Just stay calm

But how can I stay calm if I don't even know what calm is?

I'm not even calm when I'm asleep

because even then I'm fighting something

fighting something real

something I can only see in my own mind

you tell me to just breath

to just get better

to get help

to stay calm


Let me tell you something.

Just Listen,

I'm in a lot of pain

I know you don't understand how I feel

No, I don't say it out loud

But maybe if you listened to the words I don't say

maybe if you just listen I wouldn't be drowning, 

I wouldn't be sick,

I could get help,

I could know what calm is.

You tell me all of the things that I need,

But maybe you need to

Just Listen

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