Just the Inward Thoughts of a Log


My brethren and I are thrown,
Into a steel cage.
Odd noises sound nearby,
As if something is being ignited,
And a light comes into view.
It flickers with excitement,
And it's own little dance.
The dancing light is thrown to us,
And the light spreads with a gentle heat,
Licking up our rough skin.
The light gently warms,
Up to a burning sensation.
It talks through crackles and pops,
And the touch of it's heat,
Becomes unbearable.
The heat starts to destroy my being,
And continues to lick at my wounds.
It still flickers and dances,
Within the breeze.
Its beautiful even as I disappear,
A beautiful death dance.
Even as the last of my being is licked away,
My thoughts are on the dancing light,
And I finally understand its words,
"I am fire,
And I shall rebuild you anew.
So don't be afraid,
And you shall become ash,
And one with your kin,
In a new way."


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