Just Imagine

Fri, 09/06/2013 - 01:16 -- rose617

When they look at her,

They don't see her.

When they hear her,

They don't listen.

Even when she reaches out,

She is labeled as outcast


Will she ever be accepted?

She has friends,

But nobody to trust.


She puts on a smile for you.

She laughs and jokes, and even lives

For you

For all of you


She doesn't want all of you to feel the way she does

If she hurts herself,

She knows it hurts others


You all do nothing

And yet you keep her going

You keep her trying


And living

And breathing

And fighting


Fighting against the odds

Against the social diversity

Against the people that doubt her

Against the feelings she has of harming not only herself,

But others as well


Imagine what she could do if you really looked at her

Listened to her

Accepted her for who she is

Just imagine how many lives could be saved, with just one action


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