Just A Game

“Just A Game”

By SnøwySøul 



Is it alright if I ask

What was the purpose of wearing that mask

When all you wanted 

was to hurt me, to reveal and unmask


When I showed you the real me

Glimpses of what I used to be

Leaving me in full vulnerability 

And endless sea

Of what could’ve been we


I let you see inside 

My heart on display, open wide

You saw all of the hurt and denial

The pieces all apart

Of my broken heart

And all of those countless hours

That you’d claimed to be ours

Staring into my eyes

Whispering lies


My heart was in your hands

The hands that held another’s 

And apparently we were not we

And you had never wanted to be.


You lied about it 

Like you did about it all

You faked that sh*t

While you were secretly building a wall

My broken self on one side

Crying a river, crying a sea

Thinking of the illusion

That we used to be


And you, the magician, on the other

Your only magic lying

Watching the my replacement buying 

All of your old tricks


The old tricks that shed my shell

A shell made of tough lies

Lies that you uncovered

While you acted as my lover


Now you’re with her 

In a place we once were 

Ask yourself, “how long?” 

Before she realizes that it’s all wrong


Because now she’s like me

Slowly stripped piece by piece

By an illusionist,

Or a game maker

Who believes that it is 





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