Just a Feeling

The poetry came to me like a strom

The topics and the words come to me and everythings just follow together like water and fits like a puzzel

Its is easy for me to be able to get words out and to get someone to hear me

When I started to write I don't feel trap anymore and I feel free

Shel Silverstein's poems help to because when nothing comes I read some that helps being untraped

Some might think that most of the poems are dark but they don't try to find the light in poem

because I seen the darkness when I was writing

The poems helps me find the light at the end of the tunnel

Tough times I can count on the poetry to get me through it

When I write feel a sense of release of ether an unanswser question or feeling

I think there is a reason on why poetry found me because its like it know I need something to get through difficult times

Just like a strom there is always have a rainbow after the strom and that is what poetry is

I would not really wont consider myself as a poet because poetry came to me like a strike of lightning

Poetry is something that looks for people to make it better and add feeling and meaning

Writing poems feels me feel free and there someone out there hearing my voice

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