Just A Cutter


Just another day
My arm is still scarred
No words left to say
No words could even explain
The depth in this feeling
This craving deep inside 
Normally I can hold it back
But it's getting even harder to hide.

This feeling is so strange
Something I can't explain
I feel so different
Can someone set me free?
Hear my calls
And watch me fall
Hoping for the best
But no one saves me.

I'm calling out for help
No one listens
Attention whore they say
They don't understand why I feel this way
I'm so cold
Someone hold me
Someone help me tonight
I'm finding it hard to with hold this fight.

I whisper my feelings
But no one knows
How this feeling grows
I can't find words anymore
I can sense it coming
I know it's about to arrive
The old me is dead
But my cutter is so alive.

I don't have much time
I'm already dying
I didn't want to waste my time
Just laying there and crying
My wrists are bleeding
Am I really an attention whore?
All your bitching and comments
I just can't take it anymore.

I told you I'm a cutter
And you just gave me an empty stare
So I started to bleed away my future
Hoping that you'd care
Then I just gave up on you 
And started to hate
Yet I still bled out my future
Blood had sealed my fate.

My arm is bleeding
My eyes are black
You thought I had stopped
But my cutter is back
My cutter is not my enemy
It has set me free
And you know, I'm not even sorry that
I'm not what you wanted me to be.

I have no more secrets
I've given up on my pride
I've lost all my beauty
Warped in suicide
I won't waste my tears
Though even hell will cry
I'm just a cutter
But I wasn't meant to die...


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