Just Because I Love You

I'm sorry for everytime I called you a name

I made you upset, I gave you the blame

Yet you continued to smile when I hit you on the head

When I said you'd wind up dead

I wish I could take it all back

If it would keep you from leaving

Every time I made your heart crack

Simply because I couldn't see you heaving

When you were getting sick because of my words

The words that will never cease to exist

They have been spoken, they can't fly away like birds

And yet you would still continue to persist

Despite all the odds piling against you

Even though you were hurt you would continue

I love you

I still do

Even though you're gone

Even though I saw you close your eyes for the last time

You deserved so much better than me

You should have had more

Someone who wouldn't call you names

Who would treat you kindly even if you were bad

I regret it all so much

I just want you back

But I know it's impossible

I hope you're happy wherever you are

I hope you are full of joy

I take it all back and I am so very sorry

I miss you

But you should not have had to deal with me

Just because I love you


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