Just Be Human

Tue, 06/10/2014 - 18:34 -- bassbro


Give me a blind man and I'll teach him to see
I'll tell him that his eyes are useless because the world isn't always what it seems
Give me a deaf man and I'll teach him to hear
I'll write to him: "You're not planning to listen. So, why give an ear?"
Give me a mute man and I'll teach him to speak
Keep him quiet
For all he'll ever do is repeat
Give me a man who can't smell and I'll open up his nostrils
I'll advise him to keep it stuffed 
He'll hate the world's stink
Try to cover it up
Give me a man who just can't feel and I'll teach him the way
Why bother?
He'll go pleasure-seeking and leave others to pain
Why be blessed with eyes to see, ears to hear, a tongue to speak, a nose to smell, and nerves to feel if we don't use them as intended?
Mask and distort the world so we simply can't be human
Humans. Yes, we exist.
We're not all pretty and we don't all have the same skin
We're all different but we're all seeking not to be
Ha, diversity?
That's a joke.
I see the same token black guy requested on every casting director's note
But that's just it
I want to truly love you and you to truly love me
I want all of us to inhabit in God's perfect peace
Lend me an eye, an ear, a tongue
A nose, a nerve
Maybe then we'll be one
Until then
May the blind continue not to see
The deaf struggle to hear
The mute silent to speech
The clogged-nosed not able to smell
And the nerveless never given a chance to feel
They live in a reality that just isn't real


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