Just Another Stupid Love Poem

Tue, 03/08/2016 - 10:30 -- esc3355

Just the two of us surrounded by the sea

On an island a small as can be

No homeland in sight, no savior to be found

Here from a ship that was westward bound

Dark obsidian eyes, gazing at me

As the man I love sits under a tree

“What should we do now?” I ask unsure

He just pats the ground next to him as he lays on the shore

I smile and laugh, of course he was relaxed

While I on the other hand felt so taxed

So I lay on my back, and stare at the sky

And contemplate him in my mind’s eye

How lucky was I, to be here by his side

Because when he smiles, he makes my demons go and hide

When I’m with him, I feel so alive

He puts my emotions in overdrive

A quirky sense of humor to match mine

Oh how he makes me feel like I can shine

How in the world could I live without him

It’s like I created him on a whim

Oh how he makes me feel like I’ve come home

But this is just another stupid love poem

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This is my first poem and I am looking for as much constructive criticism as possible! Please comment an tell me what you think!

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