Just Another Sappy Love Story

Come back to me,

Never leave my side,

Because you are my king,

And in each other we confide,

Love me sensless,

Adore my being,

Because I am yours and fearless,

No matter what life may bring,

Kiss me with passion,

And claim what is yours,

Because you're the designer and I'm the latest fashion,

And let everyone adore,

Our careless wonders,

Our adolesent love,

Even when we blunder,

Our hearts fit like a glove,

You're my missing piece,

The completion of my puzzle,

You don't need a lease,

Not even a muzzle,

Because with you I'm strong,

I can face my past,

I don't need a King Kong,

Because he didn't even last,

Just be mine,

And I'll be yours,

Forever is all the time

We have behind closed doors.


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