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Dying Uniqueness: The Ill-Favored Girl

I feel like dying
She feels like crying

Will anyone ever see the uniqueness inside...me...that I cannot see?
I'm not pretty...you say
I'm not cute...you say
I could never be good enough...you say

It's ok...I know...

I may not be beautiful in looks but I am at heart, mind and soul
just try and figure me me out

I may not be pulchritudinous but that does not mean I have to feeling, no mind, no heart....no...
You go for the pulchritudinous girls but I bet you'll get an ugly attitude!!
Someone to do you wrong & stab you in the heart
Making you feel like you don't belong
Judging whether your cute or not

Think twice when you walk past the ill-favored girl
Think twice when you chose the pulchritudinous girl over the ill-favored girl because all you wanted was a pretty face.
Think twice when you walk past her...because she could have been the...one.

Because the truth is she has a pulchritudinous heart
She has feelings
She does exist
She does belong
She is not a shadow
She is Beautiful in all ways


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