I'd like to think of you as just
a road block;
a strong lightning storm
That gave me a shock.

I'd like to pretend you were just
a crush,
Just a girl
who gave me a rush.

But that would be a lie.

You were never just a girl to me,
Never just a storm.
Loving you comes with a fee:
My heart is never warm.

I feel the crash of waves
Every time you wave hello
And when you just walk past
It's the only moment I want to last.

You haunt my dreams
In the most beautiful way
And you cloud my thoughts
All fucking day;

You set my world on fire,
My heart is just a liar
When I say I don't want to be with you,
'cause you're the only thing I know is true.

You bring me closer to God above,
You fill my life with light and love.
So thank you, Rachael, for helping me through.
I couldn't have made it
Without you.


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