That Jungle Fever

That Jungle Fever

We got an issue in America. . . It's called Interracial Dating/

Sisters all up In Our Face They Be Hatin'/
What if I said she was a lightskinneded Jamaican/
Would you still be Flakin', Hatin', Waitin' for the Break Up/
I see where you comin' from, but we also see that Lace Front/
Her parents are ballin', lace up spaldin fallin'/
Took their Ashton Martin to the Mall And. . . I can't tell if she Textin' or Talkin'/
Like El Oh El, OMG Kelly Kell you're Freakin' Swell/
Then sisters be like. . .
Well Oh Well looks like Kelly Kellz is Sellin' Out/
Nah, lemme tell you what Kellz about/
Sisters y'all gorgeous but y'all battlin' these forces/
Endorphins Lemme let you in on their fortress/
It's their Energy That Got Us Star Struck/
Your real Enemy Is Inside Starbucks/
Awww Fluctuate, don't you Start To Hate. . . Wait/
Think why is Star Bucks open at 6AM/
While you sleepin' in like Pacquiao Yo/
These white girls are sippin' on Macchiatos/
Hold it up, when I was growin' up/
All we had was Coffee & Cappuccino. . . COFFEE & CAPPUCCINO/
Some Coffee was all you needed yo/
Then, they added Toffee with Sweet & Low/
Really Yo, did caffeine turn into Pokemon???/
Man all Hope is Gone/
Cause there were Lattes, evolved into Cappuccinos which evolved into a Macchiatos/
They comin Iced and Hot Expressos/
Like OMG give me the Venti, Dulce, Cinnamon, Expresso, Vanilla, Hold the Foam, Extra Whipped Cream Latte/
SUPER DELIGHTED, I could drink this til I THROW UP/
And that's what it is; but me I don't want none of this/
I could see thru the disguise, the lies and the pretty light eyes/
Why oh why don't your thighs touch/
America has made it tough/
Since Slavery, it's plain to see/
White women and Black men. . . They're made to be/
Mixed Hair Features, why are most of the athletes black guys, but what color are the cheerleaders?
Y'all don't hear me neither/
That's jungle fever, but why when Jack & Quita/
Get together it gets no better it's cooler than two liters/
But, like I said y'all don't hear me neither/


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