For Juliet


Daughter of fool circumstance

Sweet Juliet, her love caught against

The wills of her father and her Lover's own,

A feud of families forcing dire secrecy.

To keep a marriage silent,

In the face of horrid murder, banishment,

'twas a test of faith.

And when her Lover was lost, she awoke

In misery and among the dead

And joined them, by the dagger of him

That she had known and married

Rather than face the consequences of Lover's death,

Fiance's murder, and betrothal night deceased.

O Juliet! Too young you were,

to be put in such a place, a choice too forced

for any maid to make the right decision.

Now you lay, Wife to Romeo

Next to your sweet love's tomb

A noble death, bringing honorable consequences
And the end to a too-long feud.




Originally "Elegy for Juliet", this was written as part of a school assignment to write poems inspired by William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.



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