Joyful Encore

For some, the passage of time lingers on, so many grains of sand, dropping, slowly, one, grain, at, a, time, an eternity for one without love.
Having genuinely and impassionedly, found my one true love, whose endless love I knew I must obtain. For my part, love was acutely and intensely obvious between us, that adoring smile, her youthful, inviting eyes, were aphrodisiacs for my soul, captivating as she is and the instant bond that we had, I felt ill-equipped to even speak to her at first, I knew if I did not, I would have to endure this heavy heart the rest of my natural life. With my most charming disposition and boyish innocence, I made my first attempt to explain to her my affliction and unburden myself of these tender, budding feelings weighing heavy on my heart. As time passes, I find myself dreading those grains of sand, how quickly they fall, your love has made me so aware, how short life is for one who has love, I'm eternally yours, devoted to our life together, till the end of us, as time continues and we meet again, at the end of all things.

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