I am not able to tell you
WHERE exactly I will be,
but I can tell you
exactly HOW my life will be. 
First off, my life will be blessed. 
I will wake up every morning with a smile 
Full of praise because Life is a blessing
and I will be thankful for everything in my life.
For that reason I will continue to begin 
each day with a prayer to The Lord 
full of what I'm thankful for.
Second, my life will be exuberant.
Each day will be a new adventure 
filled with excitement for me.
 Whether it's eating at a new restaurant
Or traveling to a beautiful place, 
or meeting a new person who shares stories 
of their unique experiences. 
Third, my life will be boundless. 
There will be no limit
on the things I can be, do or have. 
Fourth, my life will be philanthropic. 
I will not only donate for the good of others,
I will provide to others
by sharing knowledge and delivering service.
Finally, my life will be blissful.
It is what we strive for. 
It is what life is about;
finding your bliss. 
I will be finding mine, 
and I will be smiling every step of the way. 


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