Journey of the Heart


United States
42° 1' 45.6564" N, 75° 49' 6.7116" W

In three weeks I’ll accept my diploma, wearing my cap & gown;
I should be happy, but I’m truly sad, because my dad’s not around.

It’s been almost 2 years, will he get better or ever return;
Oh, I miss those bear hugs & kisses on the cheek, I so yearn.

For those who don’t know, his heart is sick and an injury in his brain;
I’m happy he knows us, and love his smile, though I can’t complain.

They refuse to help him and give him the therapy he desperately needs;
We’ll move him closer, near family & friends in hopes he will succeed.

Through this tough journey, I’ve discovered my calling, my true niche;
Dad, I’ll get my degree in therapy to help you & other lives to enrich.

The Healthcare system in New York has been hard fight & quite a joke;
People have lots of potential, and I’ll show them as my fire, they’ve stoked.

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