The journey.

Fri, 03/22/2013 - 02:48 -- Andre_X

Why are we here? Tell me what is the purpose?
Our fathers, grandfathers and children hang from wood.
Some of our leaders tell us it will be all good, to wait it out.
Some of our leaders tell us to fight back against the viper that wants to wipe us out.
Tell me why do they hate us, Neglect us, and kill us
A man out of Tuskegee said; “leave the viper alone; submit to him as long as we have a permanent home”
“No” argued Du Bois "Full civil rights is what needs to be granted, on this rock since we’ve landed, we’ve been treated as sub human and less, we must strive to be the best!” he said
One man with charismatic words, words that struck like a sword
Preached that we strike down the viper with violence,
They tried but could never put him to silence
A women exhausted, didn’t listen to the viper
Stressed she refused and got sent to prison, not knowing that she sparked the beginning
Then another man with a similar mission
A man sent from heaven above a modern prophet preached the same message, but with a different method a Christ like way to deal with the viper.
“We will strike down the viper with a message of peace
Instead of shooting will simply march in the streets.”
This man was serious; a man who had seen with his own eyes the viper’s evil ignorant intentions.
Two men with a different message used different weapons
But somehow some way, something had to change.
Then on that fate full day the man sent from above, to kill the viper
Was shot down by a sniper,
The man was a martyr; he laid out his dream and his visions of peace
This was the end of a life, but through his action the world was shown the light
A light so bright, that made a man by the name of Lynden to sign and put an end to the viper.
Now as the viper has died, a new one was born, a viper that’s venom creates the self-destruction of a people.
A venom that puts our women in strip clubs, our men in prison, and an image of fatherlessness,
Maybe a new man will be sent from above, to lead us back into the ways of righteousness.

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I used Imagery to describe racism, the "viper" represents discrimination, and racism. The "viper" at the end is describing the current self-destruction within the Black community.

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