Like a casual walk in the park

I still feel I have places to go

Things to do

And people to see, but can they see me

Am I really ready to be visible?

Visible, vision

Visit the sight with your eyesight

Captivating every cell and nerve ending that is passively saying yes

When all I want to say is wait

Life please wait for me to catch up to you

How can I even compare and share these feelings

Or are they truths

Like the waves pulling the tides up

Sand falling back

Gravity has taken over

And the seas see me

Floating, drifting, left uncovered

Back and back all those things collapsed

And I’m left wondering

Is this growth

Or am I just caught in a loop

A vicious cycle where plants and flowers barely bloom

But there’s always different seasons

And patience is going to win

And that when I finally realized

It’s just the journey that I’m in


 By: Airiana Brown


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