The Journey

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 21:55 -- Adeline


United States
40° 50' 17.7072" N, 73° 51' 23.7924" W

The journey comes, but does it stay along the narrow road we've paved? Among the parcels we've destroyed of memories we've once enjoyed? Too soon to tell, too late to change, come join me on this escapade. We've no one but our souls to blame from keeping past lives from our dull brains. The truth, beauty, love they hold is far too precious; much like gold. Unattainable yet possible, but highly irresponsible. But only if misused, abused, or put up to no good use. One day in hopes that we all change maybe our memories will bare to stay. For now we live day to day ignoring all the love we've made. Too wrapped up in the modern world, the lies coated in tinfoil gold; with true treasure awaiting us, wasting, collecting dust. Our journey comes but does it stay? That's the question that remains.


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