Jokes to real life

The first year they told me that it would be the most difficult because it would influence my future.

At first I took it as a joke--

who would've thought the the fourth year I would be begging for mercy—oh yeah the teacher and counselor,

they told me that I have to show how smart I could be.

I didn't get it back then,

cause all I thought was,

“what can a piece of paper do to my future”

until that day came.

Now I'm stressing out think how I'm going to do it for my degree,

all I want to do is scream and shout—to stop it all, that I need to breath—,

to give me a break.

Everything is spinning,

it is making my world turn around and around,

I don't know what to hold on to.

I need someone to help guide me through this year.

This year there is going to be big changes to my life.

During this time it is where I can see who are by my side.

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