Joker, smoker, midnight toker

I don't know anything about the things in this Steve Miller Band song

I think maybe, despite that, my love for it is totally justified

Ya know, I think that you don't have to understand something to love it

Like guzzling rootbeer in the summer, Who the hell knows anything about sassafras?

But you sit and taste the sweet and think

'God bless ice and carbonation"

The sun drapes on your skin and boils your brain but everything is okay because



That's how I feel about Steve Miller and his compadres that liven my room with dulcet beachy tones

and secretly impart their keys to highly functioning addiction

Shred me with that perfect, perfect bass

Shake me down, love

Go forth and sin no more


That's how I feel about one particular boy

For whatever reason my heart has his name carved carelessly into the side

Like a tree, the scar of it will never grow up and away or disappear

Permanent and obvious evidence of his having been and always being

I don't understand him or see why he should exist

He lives on air, cause I've never seen him eat

He lives in my head and is always there when I expect him

Right when I need him

Is he imaginary?

Can't be. He tickles and pinches and his teeth are crooked

So goddamn real I could touch him

He touches me

In deep, deep places like magic on his lips

He's got rhinestones in his eyes and they pull me

I don't know his name or where he's from

His affiliations or what his grandma looks like

He is the greatest mystery to walk this earth but he seems to me like misty roses

Too soft to touch,

But too lovely not to try

The thorns bleed me like a de facto Christ and that's simply the way it is

I love him like music in my brain and cool wetted lips

Too lovely not to try

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