The Jog

Sat, 09/15/2018 - 23:42 -- JDiatte

It was A beautiful day outside, the clouds were like a painting in a frame

The sun giving the clouds a kiss then peaking over their shoulder to illuminate the earth

The sun was searing throughout the day, as it went to take a nap the cool breeze sunk in

I threw open the door. Ran down the steps, my headphones bumping but my legs were sore.

It felt great though, getting back outside and going on a nice jog

Passing through the houses of my childhood. I smiled at that old man everyone in the neighborhood knows

He was watering his greens and making sure his wives flowers were blooming right or else who knows what she throws

the corner houses dog looks at me like a piece of steak, I run a bit faster not taking in a count the fence around the yard

the day couldn’t have gotten any better, hanging with the fam, home cooked food, deserts, and Mario kart

im smiling, the wind rushing through my hair, enjoying the nice breeze of home where everyone makes their start

but who knew it would all fall apart.


As i ran my legs became weak

I felt like stopping.

I started thinking back to the meal we had before

The conversations with my family; I love them…I loved that…I don’t want to continue this workout

I want to head back to the comfort of my home.

So I turned around…

And there he was; tall, dressed in black- in a hoodie that smelled of cigarettes.


He reached inside his pockets;

Tears of fear threatened my sockets.

I thought about running away,

but something told me it would be okay.

I looked into his eyes-

There was fear there: cold, dark, hopeless.

He looks like a familiar face

His pupils were like a boat stranded in the middle of the Pacific.


And then the storm came alive

He jolted towards me, sliced my forehead with a knife

My sweat turned to a redish color of blood dripping from my brow

at this point I tried pushing him, then began running for my life

Then I hear two loud noises and feel a warmth in my lower back

I reach to the sensation with my hand

And As I bring my hand back to my view, streams of red wine colored blood drip from my fingers

And in the blink of an eye, I fall to the ground

He runs away but the police are about to arrive with a sound

He hides right behind a car in the drive way still holding his knife.

I get up, gasping for air, hobbling with every ounce of energy I have

And I walk towards him.

As I limply crawl to the villain I hear the syrains and see the lights

My helpers have arrived but I don’t need them

I see him, Hes scared, hopeless and numb

He yells, don’t get any closer or you are done!

I remember him now, he was my childhood friend

We loved eachother, did everything together

But He always hated me after we changed schools

And there he was now yelling at me, Im gonna take another shot!

And with the last inch of air in my lungs I yell, I forgive you because like me you are his son!


 Now You may say im insane you may say Im crazy

That man just shot me but I forgave him

Isn’t it amazing that after hurting me I loved him

He hid from me but I found him

Isn’t that unbelievable, crazy, unimaginable

Well you better believe it cuz that’s what Christ did for you and for me!


When we hurt him, hated him, spit at him, and threw him on a tree

He loved us and said I forgive you

Imagine being him, seeing the ones you love and hoping to be rescued

But they snarl at you like a bloodsick animal looking at food

Would you still love them, look at them as children, and bring them comfort of a father

He saved us from our hurt while we were hurting him

We frouned, he smiled

We threw, he took

We died, he lived

We hated, He loved

And he now smiles at us from above

Were the eagle and hes the dove

We tare apart but he sticthes it right back up with love

We take the needle to his edging but he sticthes it back without an echo

we wanna run but he will never let go

blood doesn’t matter to him

He washed our blood clean

Dried our sweat with a napkin

Looks parallel even when our heads spin

And weve always got his attention

So he calls us to be like that runner

To Turn the other cheek

And Take the blows for His  kingdom

And forgive with love, and love with forgivness

So I tell you friends Go on that jog every day and don’t look back

Love until they know it’s a fact

Cuz he loved you and there’s nothing anyone can do to distract.

              Joey R. C. Diatte


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