Jihadi Vacation Day

Jihadi Vacation DayVacation day, they plannedthe jihadi way. Gather guns and kill away,upon a Christmas party. Well placed video cams,worn upon their heads. After the insanity, go home and post on YouTube lickity split.. Proclaim, they're heaven bound and saved, to all that day. One small detail evade,cops followed and delayed. Live by the sword and die the same way. Nothing goes as planned,percieved valor ends in vain. Nothing for them will be,ever again, nor should be again. Fools, folly imagined, that cops wouldn't shoot them, often. What guarantee is there really? Pretty speeches align artfully. What, pray tell, will they say to those killed most painfully? For I sincerely believe, victims properly, mete out honest revenge. Patiently served on the other end...

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Our world


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