Don’t do it,

That’s what parents say

They always have the upper hand being two

And only being singled out, taking the risks against them

Freedom is the desired dream

Nothing can stop that force


Don’t push the limits,

They’re present for a reason,

Or are they there to just hold back others,

“It’s oppressing and its fucking stupid!”

Are the words always said

Now they just echo in the empty halls towards your empty bedroom


Don’t let yourself fall,

Always be happy, looking forward is the only way,

If going backwards was an option we would all be dead

It’s a positive energy

And you always went forward

With energy and a great mind and heart

The limit was the sky and would only fly

Rules weren’t cool is what you taught me in grade school

Now like the campus halls, are empty

Like the car left behind on the side of the road and the body without your soul.


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