Jeans or Yoga Pants?


I open my eyes
And I get out of bed
Then I walk to my closet
To decide what to wear to school today.
Do I wiggle into those uncomfortable jeans?
Or do I wear the skirt that I have to pull at all day?
Should I put on that itchy sweater?
Maybe I will straighten my hair?
But what if I curled it?
No I say.
This is school not a fashion show,
I want to pull up my yoga pants
And throw on my favorite sweatshirt
I will put my hair into a bun and be comfortable today.
I remind myself I cannot
They will think I am a slob
There is an unspoken rule your cannot "bum" it two days in a row
It is a crime or a sin.
So I wiggle into those jeans
and throw on that itchy sweater
I straighten my hair.
"At least I look cute" I tell myself
But I know that I am hiding behind clothes
So these people will think I care about myself and this place
But more importantly I put on these clothes
To protect myself from their judging eyes and whispers in the hallway.


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