You and I, we used to talk.

Now everything’s just wrong.

You know I tried you know I tried.

But I guess there is nothing I can do

to really convince you to stay,

the sun is going away,

so are you, on that bike like you always do.

Take my heart with you and always know,

my love was true even though,

you couldn't see it. I always did believe in it.

My mouth was open,but no words came out.

My door swung open and it wasn't you.

I wish it was like that day we both knew we needed each other,

I wish you would run back to me and we'd hug one another

To be Romeo and Juliet again.

Give me a flower and I'll always forget your flaws

Give me an hour I'll never forget our talk

Give me a day and I'll intake your natural beauty,

Give me a week and we'd both be happy

Give me a month and our hearts will die,

any longer and we'll have to wait for

the reincarnation of our hearts molded in one,

a new creation only to be destroyed by the sign of the sun.
And thus forth comes an end to our fun.


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