Japanese Blossoms


United States
47° 29' 33.0036" N, 121° 57' 5.8824" W

The breeze blows across my face
The trees bow and rise to me
The petals fall and encircle me while they journey to the ground
The sweet aroma fills the air around me
While the bees play their song and dance to the tune
Birds play “come and get me if you can”
While the grass brushes along my bare legs
The spider spins a silk necklace for the tree
The furry animals peek out at the new visitor
Then creep back to safety in their homes.
The spring gust blows my hair as he greets me
My sundress blows gently back and forth against me
My hat tries to fly with the birds, yet is restrained by a gentle hand
The Sun shines warmly as she smiles down admiring the earth from above
And the flowers poke their head out to meet this new guest.
As the breeze blows across my face


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