J.A.M.S. Part 1

We got, 

Peace like Joseph,

Faith like Abraham,

I hope you're ready for Redemption 

cuz we goin' ham,

Leadership like Moses,

You know it's God who chose us,

He's done made a way,

Lighting our path,

He's for us,

Wisdom like Solomon,

Nah, this ain't a solo, man,

My God is always there to say me,

He's my Superman,

Minus the kryptonite, my flesh, my kryptonite,

Especially when it came to temptation,

Had to fight,

Turn around, sin is always lurking,

looking for me,

Always gave into my sin,

let it control me,

Repented from my sins I am being better than I can be,

I know I'm headed Home,

It's an awesome place to be,

Large amounts of strengths, larger amounts of weaknesses,

Doing all I did in God's eyes,

there's no fixing this, I thought,

I prayed, still stumbled,

I'm not getting this,

I'm like a seed, Grace helps me grow,



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